5 Reasons to Outsource Copywriting

Writing is a powerful way to connect with your audience and show them who you are. While we may have exciting concepts and an urge to express them, we do not all possess the same mastery of the written word. You have great ideas, content, or products you want to share with the world, but you need to communicate in a way that will hook your readers. You want to sell your brand and your vision to others in the best way possible. For this very reason, you are doing yourself a favor by investing a little extra money in outsourcing your copywriting needs.

Content is a marketing strategy. Think about it – if your innovative idea, product, or service is expressed in a less-than-compelling way, people will overlook what you have to offer. But it’s more than that. According to Copyblogger, a professional copywriter knows how to integrate statistics into their work and really sell your ideas. Quality writing is known to make a considerable difference in landing page hits and even search engine ranking, so what else is there to gain in hiring a content professional?

#1: An Outside Perspective

Regardless of whether or not you have a solid grasp of spelling and grammar, you always want to have somebody who is a little less attached handling the final product. It’s like in the movie industry; while a director may work with an editor and have some say over the final cut, it is the editor’s job to piece it together. The director’s vision is so closely tied to what’s happening on set, they could possibly miss the bigger picture. It’s the same with copywriting.

An outsourced writer will bring the outside perspective you need. They will have a better grasp of what your audience wants to see, and they will know just the right words to reach the people interested in what you have to offer.

#2: Focus on Customers 

Global Reach reminds us business owners of something we can easily forget: You don’t ever want to stretch yourself or your staff too thin. When you do, everything suffers.

Instead, devote your time and energy towards offering a quality experience for your customers and allow a hired hand to produce the best copy you could ask for. Your clients are the blood of your company, and they deserve 100 percent of your attention. Your writing is just as important and requires just as much care, so do the right thing and hand this portion of the work to a qualified professional.

#3: Outsiders Know You and Your Competition 

Part of a hired copywriter’s job is to learn about you and your products and services. They are also tasked with developing a strong feel for your competition and understanding what it takes to succeed in your market. A good copywriting team can help with getting a leg up on the competition by knowing your strengths and weaknesses and creating a winning strategy for your specific industry.

#4: Save Time and Ultimately Money 

A professional copywriter is constantly writing and, therefore, accustomed to churning out large amounts of content in a timely manner. The task of brainstorming, researching, producing, and publishing would take much longer if handled by you or anyone else on your staff who does not specialize in content. You can count on a copywriter to deliver content by deadline, which is crucial for success.

Hiring an in-house staff writer might seem like a controlled solution, but it can cost more in the long run. Outsourced services are contracted on an as-needed basis, whereas a staff writer would be paid at an hourly rate, even when you have nothing of value for them to do. Ultimately, your decision to hire outside of the company will save time and money.

#5: Avoid Killer Errors 

When you’re overworked and crunched for time, it’s easy to let small mistakes slip past– especially when you’ve been working long hours and dedicating tons of energy to the same project. Just imagine the load lifted off your shoulders when you hand off your content to a professional copywriter, one whose sole function is to create a clean, well-crafted write up for your services, ideas, and products. Without the stress of having to do everything else related to your business, a professional will be able to craft the best writing possible with excellent structure, grammar, and word usage, all geared at hooking readers, i.e. potential customers.

Selecting a Copywriting Professional

In your search for the perfect content specialist, remember to be discerning. We’ve created a guide you can use for finding and vetting services.

Be careful not to fall for the “SEO Writers” hook populating numerous agencies these days. They may claim to write specifically for search engine optimization, but the reality is this is a gray area, a skill difficult to define. Great SEO comes not from a formula, but from quality content – a mastery of words. Look for quality – an expert wordsmith – to maximize your exposure and bring success to your business!

Additional Contributor: Sam Zell-Breier

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