Don't Buy Cheap Copy

You Get What You Pay For

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Mama said there’d be days like this, and she probably also warned you get what you pay for. In the world of writing – especially freelance writing – truer words have never been spoken. As the business or brand ordering content, you get what you pay for. And as the writer, well, sometimes – okay, most times – you don’t get paid what you’re worth.

A vicious storm is brewing atop the waves of the Internet. It’s been bubbling and brewing for some time like the witch’s brew of Macbeth. It’s an ugly and monstrous storm; a squall directly linked to the SEO-driven monsoon of mediocre material audiences around the globe are currently drowning in. Let’s face it; so many people want written content for practically free that quality has grown atrocious! Continue reading “You Get What You Pay For”

What is Copywriting?

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a word all too often confused with copyrighting. We see inquiries where a potential client would like more information about our copywriting services, but somehow the word copyrighting gets into the mix. A sizeable chasm spans the rift between the act of copywriting and copyrighting. Just what is copywriting and how does it differ from copyrighting? Let’s find out! Continue reading “What Is Copywriting?”

Creating a Content Strategy: Why a Content Schedule Matters

Creating a Content Strategy: Why a Content Schedule Matters

You’re a smart person. You understand the how and why behind content. You see how it can expand your professional reach, establish authority, bridge engagement, and even morph into a lean, mean marketing machine. You’re all about it! Maybe you’ve started a blog or are guest posting on major websites in your industry. Maybe you’re venturing into the creation of infographics and articles for social media engagement. You’re on the right track, but chances are you’re overlooking one crucial content strategy component: a content calendar or schedule. Continue reading “Creating a Content Strategy: Why a Content Schedule Matters”

A Guide to Selecting a Content Creator

A Guide to Selecting a Content Creator

A few short weeks ago, we discussed how to spot a high-quality writer. We identified four anchor qualities of outstanding talent, and we talked a little about the importance of quality content. Now, we’d like to take the discussion to the next level and cover exactly how you can choose a copywriter or content service provider to meet your needs in this condensed guide to selecting a content creator. Continue reading “A Guide to Selecting a Content Creator”

Choosing an eBook Editor

Insider Info: Small Business vs. Content Agency eBook Editor

2014 has been the year many in the content industry referred to as “The Year of Quality Content.” In fact, Digital Journal has dubbed 2014 the “Year of Content Marketing.” Regardless of how you label it, one thing is certain: Content matters more than ever. But what does this mean for self-pub and indie authors? What’s the takeaway as we speed, full throttle into 2015? Continue reading “Insider Info: Small Business vs. Content Agency eBook Editor”