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Quality content is essential for independent authors and businesses. In today’s information-driven atmosphere, the written copy audiences consume is a major part of their decision to buy. Not only does it sway how, when, and where potential consumers invest their hard-earned cash, but it also helps people connect.

At AnitaLovett.com, we specialize in helping indie authors, self-publishers, small to large businesses and brands, independent professionals, and students create content that complements their creative, business, marketing, and academic goals.

How can we help you?


For Authors

Developmental Editing

Submit your manuscript for a collaborative review and work one-on-one with an experienced editor to develop and refine all elements of your story.

Editing & Proofreading

A line-by-line technical review of your manuscript to address grammar and structure and to ensure it’s free of errors and ready for publication.

Copy Editing

A line-by-line review of your final, publication-ready manuscript to address format.

Manuscript Critiques

An in-depth assessment of your manuscript designed to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.

E-Book Cover Design

Maximize your book’s first impression. Have a custom cover designed for your e-book.

Book Reviews

Submit your book. We’ll read it and write a review to share with our community.

For Businesses

Blog & Article Writing

Grow your online presence. Increase your reach. Supercharge your content marketing. View our blog writing options.

Landing Page Copy

Original, organic, and made to order with your SEO needs in focus. That’s how we craft landing pages just for you.

Short-Form Copywriting

We create short-form copy for product descriptions, taglines, slogans, calls to action, and more.

General Copywriting

We specialize in words that work. Contact us with your copywriting needs for a project quote.

Editing & Proofreading

A line-by-line technical review of your business document(s) to ensure grammatical and professional excellence.

Content Audits

Order a page-by-page audit of your blog and/or website to ensure your content is in great shape.

For Students

Essay Editing

A line-by-line technical review of your essay, paper, or dissertation to ensure it’s error-free and upholds academic writing standards.

Academic Formatting

We specialize in APA, Chicago, and MLA formatting for all academic projects. Contact us with your specific needs.

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