Tangled by Em Wolf

Book Review: Tangled by Em Wolf

There are two kinds of books in this world; the ones you can't stop reading and the ones you put down. Every author wants their story to be the former. They aim to keep you so entranced that you forgo necessities like sleep just to see what happens next. Tangled by Em Wolf delivers just that - … Continue reading Book Review: Tangled by Em Wolf

The Guide to Clear and Concise Writing

The Guide to Clear and Concise Writing

Clear and concise writing keeps readers coming back for more. Learn how to make your writing fresh and crisp in this short guide to clear and concise writing.


It’s National Novel Writing Month

It's November; otherwise known as the one month per year when the realm of authors pours every last ounce of heart and health into writing a novel-sized work. Why? Because goals matter, people! To write a novel is to court chaos. It's no easy task, not even for the seasoned knights of storytime slaying whose … Continue reading It’s National Novel Writing Month