Fiction Writing Rule #4

Fiction Writing Rule #4: Choose (And Stick With) a Point Of View

A third of the population look at a glass containing 50% water and 50% air, and they say the glass is half-full. The next third say it’s half empty. The final third say screw it and grab a drink. Each third have a different point of view.

Perspective is everything.

As authors of our self-created universes, the point of view we choose to tell a story in sets the stage. It is, perhaps, the single most important decision we make because telling the same tale from a different point of view (POV) creates an entirely different novel. Continue reading “Fiction Writing Rule #4: Choose (And Stick With) a Point Of View”

How to Use Grammarly

Whether you’re a writer or editor, a little help with proofing is always welcome. Most word processing programs, like Microsoft Word and WordPerfect, come with basic proofreading capabilities. But what if you had access to smarter software? Would you use it? And what if you could use it for free? We’d like to introduce you to a smart software that’s been making our lives easier since 2010. It’s called Grammarly. Continue reading “How to Use Grammarly”

Choosing an eBook Editor

Insider Info: Small Business vs. Content Agency eBook Editor

2014 has been the year many in the content industry referred to as “The Year of Quality Content.” In fact, Digital Journal has dubbed 2014 the “Year of Content Marketing.” Regardless of how you label it, one thing is certain: Content matters more than ever. But what does this mean for self-pub and indie authors? What’s the takeaway as we speed, full throttle into 2015? Continue reading “Insider Info: Small Business vs. Content Agency eBook Editor”

Recovering from a Less Than Favorable eBook

Recovering from a Less Than Favorable eBook

Oops! It’s cute when a toddler says it, but “oops” really is one of the most terrifying words in the English language. If it pops out after you’ve published your first e-book, then Houston, we have a problem! Chances are, your “oops” was more along the lines of, “Oh, s^&#” or “F^&# me!” It’s okay to go sailor, but as disheartening as a self-publishing mistake can be, it does not signify the end. Continue reading “Recovering from a Less Than Favorable eBook”

An eBook Market Review & a Guide to 2015

An eBook Market Review & Guide to 2015

It’s a fact; e-books are no longer a mere novelty. They have officially become big business. In recent years, electronic books have begun to take over an ever-growing percentage of the literary market share. As we gear up for the New Year, one we predict to be filled with unprecedented content and literature, we’ve put together a snapshot of the e-book marketplace. Are you one of the hundreds of indie authors eking out a name for yourself in the e-market, or are you about to join the ranks? Either way, this blog is for you! Continue reading “An eBook Market Review & Guide to 2015”