Using LinkedIn as a Content Marketing Asset

As you look for ways to market yourself and your skills, you’ll find a great many social media options. Have you ever considered LinkedIn as a doorway to a large, untapped target audience? If not, you need to keep reading.

According to Forbes, LinkedIn started with 200 million users. Since its May 2003 inception, it has become the second most popular social network on the Internet. Moreover, most professionals—from small business owners to indie authors and freelancers—aren’t aware of its built-in blogging features or its huge potential for targeted exposure.

LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

In order to keep up with a content-driven market, LinkedIn has created a functional publishing platform. Content published on the network can receive a huge amount of exposure. Kissmetrics reports that many writers find themselves gaining tens of thousands of article views mere hours after publication. These results were typical, even for newcomers with no prior publication.

LinkedIn can target demographics with particular interests, which helps connect you—the writer—with your target audience faster than anywhere else. You may also notice Google is giving LinkedIn content high priority in its search results. If you search for a particular topic, you can find publications hosted on LinkedIn’s platform first, even when the keyword “LinkedIn” is not used.

The network has been established as a professional one, and its branding automatically comes with a certain amount of authority. This authority will carry over to the content you put out there for others to see by using LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

Enhancing Your Personal Branding

When you publish a new piece, it is included on your LinkedIn profile page. Having written work packaged together with your credentials will improve the overall appeal of your profile, thus making it an asset in job searches.

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is dedicated to helping you build a professional brand, one that will showcase and last through your entire career. Adding written content to your profile not only brings value to your presentation, but it also allows you to gain a following, improve your stature, and increase your credibility. For professional writers, it is a golden opportunity to showcase your talent with unique content, and it can be leveraged as a portfolio.

Using LinkedIn’s Content Marketing Score

LinkedIn offers tools to its users for better understanding how viewers respond to content marketing. Advertisers have the ability to see firsthand who is and isn’t responding to their content, along with a rundown of potential explanations for any lack of attention. These tools go even further to inform you which publications are receiving the most hits while pointing out who is reading your work. Utilizing these features can help you improve your content and reach your target audience faster.

A Strong Content Marketing Solution

Whether you’re a business trying to build your brand or an individual looking to become more marketable, LinkedIn is a strong content marketing solution. The key to success is creating consistent content relevant to your goals and target audience. Write on topics others will find engaging and useful. Above all, always offer originality, never duplicate content.

So how about it? Ready to give LinkedIn a shot?

Additional Contributor: Sam Zell-Breier

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