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On any given day, approximately 2,191 new books hit the market. 65,730 are published monthly. Some 788,760 are introduced annually.

There has never been a better time to self-publish. Independent publishing gives smart authors unequivocal control of their work. It opens the door to possibilities previously unavailable to never-before-published authors, and the forecast is promising:

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Self-publishing is taking the book market by storm, and indie authors are seeing tangible results in both the number of books sold (unit sales) and earnings. The upward trend is expected to continue.

The battle of making your story a success lies in producing a top quality book and effectively marketing it.


AL&A’s E-Book Services

Our team is comprised of self-publishing and content marketing experts. Our main focus is on making the independent publishing process easier for authors without taking away your freedom to remain in charge.

Your success is our success, which is why our exclusive concern rests in producing the best possible version of your e-book.

We help indie authors tackle:

We also offer self-publishing packages for authors who need more than one service.

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Getting the Most from Independent Publishing

The key to successful self-publishing is knowledge. A working understanding of how to create, ready, publish, and market a book as an indie author is imperative.

You already know how to do one thing well: create.

You’re a brainstorming, storytelling guru. Traditionally, authors would focus most on authorship, on writing their great work and sending it off to publishers until (hopefully) one bought it. The publisher then handled everything from readying the manuscript for publication to publishing, marketing, and promotion.

Self-publishing has dramatically changed the process in terms of who handles what, and the indie authors who get the most from self-publishing are much more than authors; they’re knowledgeable publishers and smart marketers.

Rising above the monsoon of mediocre material inundating the e-publishing market is tough but not impossible, and we can help.


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