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Copy Chic is the perfect solution for your short-term blog and article needs. Whether you’re starting a new blog or seeking to infuse an established one with a burst of freshness, this package can be customized to cover your blog and guest blogging needs. Here’s what it includes:

  • Word Cap: 3,000 – 3,500
  • Content Planning: We’ll outline the titles to cover and include a brief description of the direction each will take. You approve the plan and tweak as needed before we start writing.
  • META: A meta title and description for each blog.
  • Flexibility: You choose the number of titles we write at the word counts you need within the monthly word cap. Go over the cap at any time for a discounted rate of 7.5Ȼ per word.
  • Connectivity: Access to our online project hub for centralized communication, uploads, and downloads of completed copy.

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Once you’ve sent your order, there’s one more step. We need you to complete our project framework form. Your answers to the questions we pose will help us expertly shape your copy based on what’s most important to your brand.

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