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Did you know your GPA is viewed by professors and potential employers as an indicator of your work ethics, habits and productivity?

Believe it or not, your grade point average can impact everything from the likelihood of landing a job to salary. Written assignments make up a large portion of every student’s academic work.

38% of first-year college students write 10 essays of 5 to 19 pages and dedicate 18% of their time to written assignments totaling 20 or more pages.

That’s just year ONE!

Your ability to write a technically sound paper, essay or assignment can make the difference between a passing or failing grade, and each grade contributes to your graduating GPA.

Unfortunately, grading isn’t based on effort. You may spend hours writing an essay only to receive a poor score due to common issues such as failing to follow the instructions, failing to meet the format guidelines, or submitting a paper filled with technical errors. The support of an experienced editor can make all the difference.

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Hi, my name is Anita Lovett, and I’m a developmental editor with over a decade of academic experience. I’ve been working one-on-one with students to safeguard their GPAs since 2002. I’ve worked with hundreds of undergrads who needed help nailing their written assignments, and  I’m proud to say my developmental approach has proven successful in two major areas:

#1: Improve Your Writing Skills

Essay writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the technical skills learned by writing university-level papers are crucial to life. Knowing how to write and review written work will benefit you professionally and personally for years to come.

When I edit student writing assignments, I insert comments designed to expand your grammatical knowledge. Instead of just changing what’s wrong, I help you develop. My comments are in plain, everyday English – none of that editorial jargon – so you can easily grasp grammatical concepts.

 #2: Benefit From Unbiased Feedback

When I edit a student paper, I make sure the written assignment meets the provided instructions or guidelines in addition to academic writing standards. I confirm your work is packed with quality and accuracy based on the scope of the assignment, and if it’s not, I alert you with an actionable plan to adjust before submitting your assignment.

My approach has been referred to as a hybrid form of e-tutoring.

Dozens of students have benefited, and here’s what just a few have to say:

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In just one semester, I took my GPA from a 2.9 to a 3.1 by working with Anita. She is amazing; upfront, fast, and FULL of learning opportunities. Time, reliable, concerned with making you a better writer – that’s Anita. She’s a format expert and takes the worry of APA off my shoulders. I’m holding a 4.0 GPA and learning more about grammar than I thought possible. The skills Anita has helped me nurture are priceless.

– Ashley J. –

– Jeremiah P. – – Ellie G. –

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No sweat! I can proofread or edit most assignments within 24 to 48 hours. If you need yours in 24 hours or less, send me a rush request below.

Did I mention students receive a 10% discount?

It’s just one of the ways I say thank you for taking an active interest in improving your writing skills, safeguarding your GPA, and building a better tomorrow.

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Please note, I only work with Microsoft Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint files. To expedite, have the most current draft of your assignment along with its complete instructions ready to email, or share your assignment file with me via Google Docs or DropBox by sharing with Either way, complete this form:

Please Be Aware: I do not write essays or complete assignments for students. Any such requests will be ignored.