Editing vs. Proofreading

Revision Policy

What happens when you need a revision?

Nothing beats a tailored suit, but even the most skilled of tailors sometimes make last minute adjustments after the suit has been made. Custom copy is no different.

We understand that occasionally you’ll need a few tweaks to make the words we smith exclusively yours, and that’s why we offer a flexible revision policy:

The term “revision” refers to minor changes to the copy and includes updating word choice, adding client supplied material, and cutting or replacing small portions of the text. The Client may request up to two rounds of revisions within 45 days of project delivery without incurring additional charges. A “round” refers to the Client requesting a revision, the revision being made, and the updated copy being delivered to the Client. Additional revision requests beyond two rounds are subject to a $10 fee per request. If the Client’s requested revisions increase the copy’s word count by more than 50 words over the ordered or planned word count, the Client will be billed for the total additional words written and must remit payment before gaining all rights, including the right to publish, to the copy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a revision and a rewrite?

A revision occurs when a minor change needs to be made to the copy. Examples include:

  • Updating word choice
  • Including a specific call to action
  • Cutting or replacing small portions of the text
  • Adding links, quotes, or a few sentences

A rewrite occurs when the entire piece is unusable, meaning none of it meets your needs. We go above and beyond to establish your project guidelines before writing to eliminate the need for a rewrite.

How many revisions can I request without being charged?

For the sake of simplicity, we allow up to two revision requests for free. Any requests beyond that are handled on an individual basis and may incur a charge if deemed excessive. We won’t bill any additional fees without first notifying you and receiving approval to move forward with the work that will incur the additional charges.

Does your revision policy include rewriting the copy?

A revision will only cover minor changes to the copy. Rewrites are not included in our revision policy and are handled separately.