Why Hire a Wordsmith?

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Why Hire a Wordsmith?



You’ve landed on the moon!

Welcome to Anita Lovett & Associates, the moon that orbits Planet Grammar. We eat, sleep and breathe words. We specialize in copy so that you don’t have to because your time is best spent working your magic. But why hire a wordsmith? Is it smart to invest in outsourcing your writing and editing needs?

Think about your first job interview.

You sat across the desk, staring at the hiring supervisor, secretly wringing your hands and hiding nervousness with confidence. You wanted the job, and you needed to show the person in charge that you were capable and qualified; it’d be a mistake not to hire you.

Today, you’re the boss,  and whether you’re writing an e-book or growing a business, you’re looking across the desk and sizing up an applicant’s qualifications. The tables have turned, and you know that hiring the wrong person will equate to more work and a waste of time you simply don’t have; selecting the right person for the job is more important than ever.

What is a Wordsmith?

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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a wordsmith is a very skilled user of words or a skillful writer. Breaking the word down adds a twist:

  • Word  \’wərd \: A sound or combination of sounds that has a meaning and is spoken or written.
  • Smith \’smith\: A person who makes things with iron.

A wordsmith is more than a skilled user of words or a generic writer. They specialize. They turn the hardest of materials into functional elegance. Their knowledge and expertise is a step above the rest.

Wordsmiths have the ability to capture the essence of something. Outsourcing your copywriting needs affords the opportunity to convey a message without running the risk of isolating your target audience or using the wrong words at the right time. There are many writers, but few are talented wordsmiths.

The Benefits of Hiring a Wordsmith

Content marketing appears deceptively easy. Write a few blogs, air them on social media, use some snazzy lingo, and BAM, you’re a content sensation! Actually, no, you’re just a shooting star, a tiny blip above the monsoon of mediocre material inundating the Cyber Sea.

Content marketing has many moving parts. Copywriting and content materials are part of a 2.3 trillion dollar industry. Millions of pieces of copy hit the Internet every day, which is why hiring a wordsmith to take your content to the next level — helping you continually elevate above the monsoon — is necessary. Just consider the base benefits of hiring a quality copywriter:

#1: Word Expertise

Doctors diagnose, teachers teach, and lawyers execute the law. When in need of one of these specialists, you wouldn’t dream of hiring anyone else. Similarly, hiring anyone less than a seasoned wordsmith to create and oversee your written content isn’t smart. A wordsmith knows words and wields them in such a way that they create, attract and grow an audience. They craft words that work by applying the writing techniques that best suit your goals and match your brand’s personality.

#2: Strong Voice

In the world of content — particularly brand marketing — it’s important to stay above the fray. Wordsmiths aren’t just creative; they’re the stop-you-in-your-tracks overhead announcer, bold and impossible to ignore. A wordsmith doesn’t treat your brand like a temporary, inflatable lifeboat that’s full one minute and falls flat the next. They build a full-fledged cruise ship, so you don’t drown in the dull or mundane and have the capacity to take on passengers. They extract your unique awesomeness and help your audience take notice — they spotlight through robust and powerful writing.

#3: Efficiency

Time is money, and wasted time means wasted money. The good thing about outsourcing to a qualified copywriter or editor is that meeting deadlines is probably more important to them than it is to you. Wordsmiths compliment your team by bringing timeliness and flexibility to the table. They self-manage so you don’t get lost in the nitty-gritty details.

#4: Strengthening Your Marketing Strategy

Content is everywhere, and a wordsmith’s job isn’t just to write, but also to help strategize. The Internet is a vast and growing sea of words that expands by the minute. Just look at some of the per-minute-statistics collected by ACI:


On average, 34,260 websites are created per hour. Everyday. During a given day, 60% of marketers create a piece of written content.

How can you raise your content above the masses? Having a wordsmith on your team is crucial. They make your brand jump off the page, grab the audience by the shoulders and shout, “YOU CANNOT IGNORE ME!” And then they serve up value and benefit as thanks for readers who take notice.

3 More Reasons You Can’t Ignore

In case you’re still thinking about handling your content in-house or selecting the lowest bid on your next copywriting job, stop! Sure, those approaches will save you now, but what about in the future?

Hiring a wordsmith is about investing in one of the most significant factors of the online success equation — high-quality copy. It’s about turning the reigns over to a qualified professional whose primary concern is seeing your brand grow organically. When it comes to content, the wordsmith you hire will understand three significant things:

  1. Your Target Audience: It’s critical for your word wielders to know your target audience. They must grow intimately familiar with who you’re targeting and why. In fact, one of the first questions they should be asking is, “Who are we writing for and why should they care?”
  1. Tailored Quality: Your brand is yours. You molded it, and your copywriter is responsible for the finite word details that elevate it. Every piece of copy must capture your voice and be as polished, clean, and ready for publication as humanly possible.
  1. Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: It’s an old but apt saying because, in the business of words, you get what you pay for. It’s okay to invest in yourself and what you believe in. Do your research, and be sure to hire the best possible wordsmith for the job.

Wordsmiths Aren’t Just Random People

They’re professionals who smith words to create a unique and capturing experience. They are architects formulating persuasive copy with great purpose. They elevate through words, and in the Digital Age where your potential customers are swayed by what they read, you want an epic wordsmith on your side!