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Friendly Reminder: You ARE Enough

To all you writers, aspiring and established, I thought it time to send you a friendly reminder that you – yes, YOU – are enough.

It’s December, and the end of 2017 is nigh. The final countdown to New Year’s is underway. How’s the Christmas shopping going? Any New Year’s resolutions spawning? How did your NaNoWriMo 2017 challenge go?

So, this crossed my Facebook feed today…

Credit: The Lose It Blog.

…and I thought it time to send you a friendly reminder that you – yes, you – ARE enough.

Life Is Full of Choices

You can eat the cake or not.

You can tell your story. You can chase your dream. You can pursue your passion.

You can be the change.

Or not.

The choice is yours.


You Can, You Will

Whatever it is you’re passionate about, keep pursuing it – even when the odds are not in your favor.

Don’t – I repeat, DON’T – wait for permission.

You can. You will. You need to keep going.

You need to keep choosing. Keep trying. Keep moving.

And you can because you ARE enough.

You need to be true to you. (And you really need to check that link out to read Inner Geek: Be True to You. You might find it helpful as you gear up for the next chapter of Life.)

There Will Always Be Setbacks

Look at me. I had every intention of pushing out this super useful, novel writing blog series. Where is it? Not up.

You should see the things strewn across my desktop (literally and digitally). The furious writing. The microscopic editing. The creation of useful stuff that’s just sitting here in need of final touches. But…

I am so sick of life’s buts, damn it!

Life decided to bombard me. All the planning in the world went south. Just as quickly as everything went BOOM, I went BANG. I went all I suck, and I am such a failure, and I’m wasting my time even thinking I can do this.

Self-destruct 101.

A perpetual gloom settled in on my everyday. Rain steadily fell by buckets. Autumn’s falling leaves outside were a reminder of the pieces of whatever this thing is I’m building – pieces of me –falling and scattering. There was a looming caption above it all that simply read, “RIP”.

But there was also this unshakeable feeling that I can. I will. I need to keep going. I need to DO something.

Then, there came a friendly reminder. Actually, to be honest, there was a bombardment of reminders as strong as the fire that took me down.

There was that meme. The thought behind it. I control whether Chapter 2017 ends on a positive or negative note. I decide how Chapter 2018 begins.

The bombardment of stop-being-down-on-yourself didn’t stop there. It came again from Hard Truths, Chapter 4.3 and Hard Truths, Chapter 4.4 by Erika Napoletano. These chapters are MUST reads if you’re a procrastinator, a worrier, a tryer, and an imperfect person doing, living.

Last, but certainly not least, came the friend who recently said to me, “I’m behind you no matter what.” Words cannot express how important it was for me to hear this when I did.

You see, your level of hot mess is irrelevant.

Do what you can when you can. The rest will work itself out. #wednesdaywisdom
— Anita Lovett (@AnitaLovett) November 29, 2017

You ARE Enough

Listen, life isn’t easy. It’s not comfortable.

Life likes to lay down small to giant speed bumps, twist and turn the road ahead at 90-degree angles and 360-loops, and drop bombs from the sky without warning.

There will never be a “perfect time” to do your thing. The stars won’t miraculously align for you to be awesome. It’s up to you to just be awesome and do your thing no matter the circumstances.

That’s where success lies – in the bits and pieces that have been picked up and put back together multiple times over.

You are enough.

You have it in you to do the things you want to do.

You can eat the cake.

You can tell your story.

You can chase your dream.

You can be the change.

It’s not going to be all picture perfect like a feature film. It’s going to be dark and gritty and downright ugly, but there will be rays of light. There will be highlights. And regardless of whether you find yourself in the dark ugly or the shining light…

You ARE enough.

No one will give you permission. You just have to muster some self-propelled confidence and simply DO. #WritingEntrepreneurs
— Anita Lovett (@AnitaLovett) December 4, 2017

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