Smart Grammar: It’s Coming to a Facebook Live Near You

The debut episode of Smart Grammar is coming to a computer or mobile device near you!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? You’re about to, dear reader.

You see,  we’ve decided to do something crazy. We have no idea how it’ll turn out, but we’re willing to give almost anything at least one try.

Have you seen Facebook’s live feature? A few of our friends use it. A handful of our colleagues have tried it. A lot of the influencers we follow are all about it. It’s kinda cool.

At any given time, you fire up your cell phone camera or webcam and film a live stream to talk about something your audience will find worth watching. It’s unscripted and mostly spontaneous, and it’s a wonderful way to deliver quick messages or discuss topics with your audience. We see great potential in using Facebook live to promote indie books, but we want to dip our toes in before we start recommending it.)

Not gonna lie, dear reader, we’ve wracked our brains over what we could do for a live feed. And then it hit us. Most of you who dare to follow this blog are writers. Some of you are students. Almost all of you are always looking for ways to expand your writing skills.

Enter Smart Grammar

We’ve been smithing the content to an upcoming series for our blog dubbed Smart Grammar. It started out as a series designed to cover one of the banes of many writers’ existence: Homonyms. Then we thought…

Why stop at homonyms? Let’s make Smart Grammar an entire ongoing blog series about grammar, and we’ll take some of the posts live for fun!

There you have it, writers of English. Smart Grammar will be an ongoing series here on our blog, but we’ll also turn some (maybe all) of the posts into Facebook live events. Here’s what you’re going to get in each episode:

  • A five to 10-minute video, hosted by Anita Lovett (honestly, she’s terrified), that walks you through the material.
  • Anita will discuss concepts of grammar and breakdown some of the more complicated rules. She’ll even give you advice (where reasonable) about breaking the rules because, seriously, rules are made to be broken!
  • At the end of each live feed, we’ll post a link to the corresponding blog post so you can bookmark, save, share, or otherwise hoard the info for your future use. And if you have any questions, you can comment them on Facebook or the blog. Cool, right?

But you won’t get all of this live goodness if you aren’t following AL&A on Facebook! So head on over to our Facebook page to like and follow.

Why is Smart Grammar Worth Your Time?

First of all, we specialize in all things grammar. We’re sitting on 15 years of cumulative experience. We help indie authors ready their e-books for publication through developmental editing, proofreading, copyediting, cover art design, and prepping the publish-ready versions of their e-books so all they need to do is upload that puppy to their Kindle bookshelf and go.

We also help businesses and professionals grow their online presence through content. We are the brains behind some of the most high-quality and potent copywriting on the Web, and we write copy for articles, blogs, landing pages, social media, e-guides, e-books, and material for content marketing campaigns.

We have to be grammar gurus to make all this happen. Imparting our grammatical know-how helps you become a better world wielder, and that’s what we’re all about!

Second, Anita’s been doing this hybrid e-tutoring project with college students since 2010. For those who want to improve their writing skills, she reviews their written assignments and provides feedback just like a developmental editor. But the thing you need to know is this: Anita helps students safeguard their GPAs by ensuring the papers they’ve written are filled with grammatical and writing excellence. Meeting academic requirements means nailing grammar. She knows the rules of English and wants to download some of that knowledge to you in an easy-to-grasp manner because it will hone the technical side of your craft.

Third, we’ve been aching to move AL&A’s website in a more educational direction. Nothing is more gratifying than teaching a client something new and of value. We can’t say exactly what we’ll be doing in the months to come, but let’s just say phrases like online workshops and classes are being tossed around and followed by tailored to indie authors, self-publishers, and students. Smart Grammer is a big first step in that direction (we hope).

Would you join us?

The first Smart Grammar episode will air, for better or worse, on Friday, June 16th at 8:30 PM EST / 5:30 PM Pacific.

We hope to see you there.

“And hey, if nothing else, you’ll probably get to see me stumble over my words because this introvert – points at self – is attempting a pretty extroverted thing. So do me a favor…” – Anita Lovett

Save the date and share it with a writer or student who can benefit from learning more about grammar and this crazy thing we call English.

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