Growing Your Business with Twitter

Remember those days where taking out an advertisement, sending out brochures, and paying for a commercial was the way to attract new customers or clients? Now, you can add social media to the mix. There are many different social media platforms, but one that is often overlooked is Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites and with their recent decision to do away with the 140 character limit, it can play a pivotal role in expanding your business. Here are a few things that you can do to increase your business’ Twitter presence:

Understand what Twitter Is

Twitter is a social media platform used to share content in a short amount of characters. For example, a lot of the news channels use Twitter to announce breaking news with a hyperlink to follow.

Twitter is a great way for people to connect and network, and it is the gift that keeps on giving because of how it functions. If you follow one person, they may retweet something you tweet, and a follower of theirs may like it and retweet it, and the cycle continues. It is a brilliant concept because it also can bring your business new clients or customers as they seek to follow your business for the most recent updates.

Make a Twitter Profile for Your Business

In order to attract potential clients, you need to make sure that you create a profile specifically for your business. It is important for everyone to know who you are, what you stand for, and why your business deserves theirs. According to Twitter, creating a profile for your business will help you navigate what is important, build a content strategy, and attract new clientele. Just remember, everything about your Twitter profile is important. So if you have a profile picture of yourself from when you were in elementary school, unless it is your logo, it is time for an update.

Familiarize Yourself with Twitter

Think about the time you first used the Internet. What did you know about it besides the fact that dial-up made an awful noise? You probably knew next to nothing, and let’s face it, the Internet back then was spent mostly on playing games and talking in chat rooms. As time progressed, you became more proficient. If you gave up, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this blog.

The point being that you should explore Twitter. Learn about it. Answer some of your burning questions. What does it do? What is its basic function? What the heck is a tweet? How do I follow someone? Pretend it is 1995 and you have the internet for the first time.

Who is Following You and who are You Following?

Strengthening your social media presence is important to gaining more clients or customers. In order to do that, it is important to know who is following you and who you are following. For example, if you are a writer and trying to recruit more readers, it makes sense to follow other writers or publishers. The key is recognizing who is following you by following them back.

Take advantage of what is called hashtag hours. These hours are when people who are using the same hashtag as you notice each other and network. Jump in, converse, and watch as your followers begin to grow. It is almost like the Internet version of word of mouth, except it is by way of Twitter.

You have to know your target audience if you want to be successful. Don’t make the mistake of following just anyone. Be purposeful in your Twitter mission.

Don’t Be Afraid to Market Your Business

CopyBlogger says that it is okay to use Twitter as a business tool and not just a personal one. The point of Twitter is to connect and grow, and you shouldn’t be afraid to do that business-wise. It is okay to put yourself and your business out there.

Follow people who have directly or indirectly influenced your business, reach out to other companies that started out small and learn how they grew. Directly correlate what you are trying to accomplish on Twitter and discuss those things with other followers. Remember, the hashtag hour can be a powerful thing for learning and networking. Do not be afraid put yourself out there and let the world know who you are.

The Power of Content

Being consistent in your social media presence is important to attracting new clients or customers. Therefore, when sending out a tweet, make sure that it correlates to your business. For example, if you sell cars then your Tweet shouldn’t be about baking a cake or making fondant. Here are a few more things to consider when creating your tweets:

  • Plan It Out: When you started your business, you had to come up with a proposal, right? This plan helped you get the seed money you needed, build relationships that were necessary, and market your plan. Now that you have your business, write another plan geared towards social media, particularly, Twitter. Who is your target audience? Which profiles should you follow and how can you reach out to them? Do you need to hire a copywriter? Know what your needs are so you can use Twitter to its fullest potential and have powerful content to back it up.
  • Be Relevant and Authentic: Think about the times you have had to do research for a business. Have you ever come across an article or tweet that gave you absolutely no information about the company? Were you a little annoyed and decided to go with another business? Remember that moment and know that your customers can and will do the exact same Stay relevant and be authentic in what you are presenting.
  • Don’t Be Boring; Think Outside the Box: If reading your tweets is like watching paint dry then no one is reading your tweets. It is important to keep things fresh, new, and interesting. You have to remember that nobody reads every single tweet of the people they follow, therefore you have to make them want to read yours. Be creative, be endearing, and be relatable. Those most attractive tweets are the ones that can grab someone’s attention.

Twitter is your Friend, Not Your Enemy

Now that you know how Twitter can be essential to your business it is important to understand that your social media footprint is only what you make it. So, go and tweet about your business, a blog you read that pertains to your business, or tweet an article for someone that you know is on Twitter and has no idea how to use it. Twitter is the new poster in the window for business growth, except this time the entire world can read it.

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