Twitter Drops Character Limitations

It seems like just yesterday we were talking to indie authors about using Twitter to market an e-book. Today, we’re broadcasting some awesome news fresh off the press. It seems that Twitter, the blue bird of social media, is gearing up to drop its 140 character limit per tweet, and we (along with every other content driven business on the Internet) couldn’t be happier!

The 140 character limit per communication has been the sore spot of Twitter for years. Choosing to be positive, we’ve always seen it as a challenge – one often prefaced by the question, “How in the hell are we going to say THAT in 140 characters or less AND include a URL?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cursed the creators of Twitter, questioning what bird brain came up with the idea to limit tweets to characters; not words, characters! Chances are you’ve felt my pain. But the era of limitations – at least, character limitations –is glinting on the horizon.

Sources Confirm Twitter Has Ditched Its Character Limit

According to an array of reliable sources from CNBC News to The Verge, Twitter is axing their long used character limit. But the news may not be exactly what you think. In fact, our excitement was slightly deflated after pouring over the news reports.

As of August 12, 2015, Twitter has ended the 140 character limit on private messages. As promised, you can now send messages of up to 10,000 characters via the network’s mobile and desktop apps and the web. This comes as great news for users whose biggest complaint has been the limitations imposed on their expression by the system. The big question we had when the news broke was what about tweets?

The 140 Character Tweet Limit – Is It Ending?

Twitter is working on a plan to axe its 140 character limit per tweet in favor of a product allowing users to post long-form text straight onto the platform, reports re/code. In fact, according to re/code, Twitter users can already use products like OneShot to tweet blocks of text as an image.

As of re/code’s September 29th report, a Twitter spokesperson has declined to comment on the eventuality of ending or expanding the 140 tweet character limit. Will it happen? It’s too soon to tell, but Twitter’s increase in the character limit on private messages offers some hope.

Content is Driving Social Media

Over the past five years, social media networks have pushed for brands and businesses to publish content directly to their platforms. It has signaled the increasing value and importance of high quality and especially long-form content.

LinkedIn has its own blogging platform open to users. Facebook is revamping their Notes feature, bringing it closer to a blog-like platform. It’s no surprise the third major social media player, Twitter, is following suit.

Will we see the ability to create long-form tweets or post content directly to the blue bird of social media? Time will tell, but until then, you can bet your bootstraps direct messaging is about to become the big thing for sharing and expression on Twitter.

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