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Editors Are the Future of Branded Content

Marketing legend Seth Godin thinks editors are the future of branded content, and we couldn't agree more.

It’s no secret we’re big on editing. One of the services we’ve been advertising since our founding is business editing. Geared towards established brands and businesses, it’s a service where we not only proofread internal and external content, but also work to improve it. The goal is simple: instead of trying to download your vision for a presentation, white paper, press release, e-book, or blog to a writer, just write it. It doesn’t matter if you’re English skills are terrible because you have an editor – a highly trained professional who can turn your words into perfection and ensure your vision is delivered to the audience. In other words, editors are the future of branded content.

Marketing Legend Seth Godin Shares Our Belief

To some, we sound crazy. A great many copywriting companies and content agencies look at our little operation and laugh. We don’t house myriads of writers, and we don’t flood our current and prospective clientele with a zillion flavors of content.

We keep it simple. We keep it focused. We listen to our clients and respond to their needs accordingly, which means we don’t need a hundred writers standing by to match your project to. Who has time for that anyway?

According to, Seth Godin published a book in 1999 entitled Permission Marketing. It was his third book, and he has since published another 19 while keeping up with daily posts to his blog. Contently offers a fantastic snapshot of Permission Marketing, as well as a one-on-one interview with Godin. If you’ve any interest in marketing on any level, we encourage you to click on the above link and take a gander. But we’ll summarize a couple on-topic points:

1.      The Future of Marketing is Human

Sales and marketing have been around for ages. So long, in fact, that people can see right through fake sales pitches. They know when you’re trying to sell them, and they back away. People want truth in marketing. They want personality, likeability, and qualities they can relate to—they want humanity. As a result, brands need to get personal.

It’s hard to get personal in content when you’re trying to download your vision and feeling to a writer. In truth, most copywriting services don’t even put you in touch with the actual writer. Instead, they hand you a series of questions and your answers are passed on to a content manager and then a writer.

2.      Editors Can Be a Better Fit vs. Writers

If you have the opportunity to speak to the writer tasked with your project at an agency, it’s usually an additional expense. It’s also a rather awkward experience since most freelance writers deal in written correspondence and freeze on the phone. It can quickly amount to a waste of time and resources on both ends.

Editors, on the other hand, are often more personable. They can draw almost miraculous conclusions just by seeing your writing and talking to you. Additionally, most editors started out as writers. But they excelled more than the average writer. Their experience and professional abilities cannot be matched. And they have a knack for turning even the worst writers into better ones.

3.      Editors Allow Freedom

Perhaps the biggest reason we believe editors are the future of branded content is the freedom of a relationship between a brand and an editor. From the brand’s founder to the marketing team, an editor can seamlessly work with anyone and everyone. It’s their exposure to these people that improves their ability to capture and reflect your brand’s values in every piece of content.

Editors have the abilities of proofreading, editing, and rewriting at their fingertips. Instead of feeling boxed in by the confines of a writer’s process, you can instead remove the limitations and freely stretch your creative muscle with a professional capable of editing your work into perfection.

Writers still have their place, and they are useful to thousands of brands around the globe. But a personal brand editor can be the asset that ensures all of your content maintains a consistent, lively flow. Third party companies and content agencies with a huge pool of talent numbering 50 plus cannot guarantee the same editor will review every piece of content produced for your brand. Additionally, the editors employed by these service providers may not have any experience in marketing or your industry, which invariably limits their ability to ensure your finished copy is 100% polished.

Looking Ahead

We’re in the process of some behind the scenes work. You can expect to see an updated, more relevant homepage hitting our website before the end of the year. And we’re also working diligently to create some tailored editing based services for our clients, from indie authors to brands. Editors just may be the future of exceptional brand content and become even more sought after than they already are.

What are your thoughts?

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